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Christ's Face

Who SAYS Jesus
wouldn't be a Liberal
and a Democrat ?

What do you
Jesus would be?
. . . a  Republican ?

Christ's Face

You won't find speculation here about which party Jesus would join if he were to become a U.S. citizen, because that's not likely to ever happen. What we think intelligent people should be concerned about is which U.S. political party, if any, the American followers of Jesus should join and support because that political party best reflects the world view which Jesus of Nazareth promoted when he was on earth.
        Neither will you find soundbite answers to that profound question, even though that's all that most people seem able to handle these days. If you have what takes to appreciate subtle and insightful thinking, then we invite you to follow the links below to our various web pages:

  1. check out http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Democrats.html to see how close to his teaching and example the liberal Democratic Party has been over the last 80 years. For those who need a lighter touch on this serious topic, there's Steven Colbert's Report :

    Jesus a liberal Democrat ?

  2. check out why followers of Jesus ought to strive to be Liberals like Jesus;
  3. check out JesusNoRepublican.Org to see how far from his teaching and example the conservative Republican Party has been over the last 80 years.
  4. check out www.ChurchvState.org site, where I specifically address the very tricky issues of church and state. It's amazing how few people appreciate the difference between mixing religious and civil institutions – which the U.S. Constitution has wisely made illegal – and mixing religious and civil issues – which is inevitable. -  Since religion is all about morality, and political decisions are almost all about either good things that people in authority want to promote, or bad things which they want to curtail, just about every public issue is a moral issue which is rightfully of concern to both church and state.
  5. if you need more reasons to be motivated to explore my web sites, maybe the experience of a slew of people who have preceeded you to my sites and who have been impressed enough to write these extraordinary testimonials will move you.

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